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I am Ashley. Who are you?
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So I predicted that this girl my friend likes also likes him too. He of course did not believe me. But then he comes up to me and tells me they were on the phone all last night, then says “gotta go, time to call her”. I WAS RIGHT FOR ONCE! This day shall forever be marked in history.

Anyway, haven’t really talked much about what’s been going on in life lately. Basically, I miss musical. I miss spending every second with Jess and Jon. I miss little Chanel. But these are all good types of missing. I’m currently reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I’m about halfway, and certain parts are really reflecting and changing my mood and outlook on things. Books always do this to me. I adore it.
I have six SAC’s next week, including my Drama ensemble performance with Shae, Ellie and Jacob. I am both petrified and excited because I think we can really kick ass. Then the next week I have my last 3/4 SAC from unit 3. I’m not gunna say anything else about that because honestly, I don’t wanna think about it.
Saturday Jess is having her party for her 18th. I am so so so fucking excited. More about giving her her giant nerf gun than getting drunk. YAYAYAY NERF WARS.
Then full on drama rehearsals Sunday. Ah, so much.

But really, at the moment I’m just listening to How I Go by Yellowcard, feeling mellow and warm while wondering how my friends phone call is going. We haven’t even been friends for that long, but I’m really happy for him.

OH! And I saw Lana and Meredith’s play last night. Lana’s cricket dance and Mere’s grenade throwing efforts made for an enjoyable night.

Also, I miss Cassie.

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